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At RAWDECO we strive to present an interesting and playful mix of brands, we are constantly looking for new brands and inspiring expressions in your home. Below you will find a selection of the brands we are working with.


Welcome to our world!




A Danish Designer brand launched in 2015. Furniture designed and produced in Denmark. HANDVÄRK has the ambition to provide products that can follow and age with you, products that will become more beatiful over the years.


Products are made out of genuine marble, brass and leather.








A Danish brand established during 2015 with ambition to "add something new to Danish Design".


AYTM for example designs products using coloured mirrors that will reflect the light and enlarge rooms where they are placed.



H Skjalm P


The company H. Skjalm P. started as a retail store in the center of Copenhagen in 1953

by Hagbarth Skjalm Petersen and his wife Lisbet Westergaard.


H. Skjalm P. has its own design team who always keep the founder´s philosophy in mind; innovative design made from natural materials of high quality with a

Scandinavian look.

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